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Unlock your organization’s imaging potential.

Voxa offers services in charged-particle optics design and manufacturing. Our local and international clients include academic institutions, private research foundations, research companies, and government facilities. With 45 years of combined expertise and experience in advanced charged-particle imaging and instrument design, Voxa customizes unique and effective solutions to the toughest imaging and detection problems. Please inquire and see how we can help solve your imaging and sample handling needs.

Custom Design Expertise

Integrated stage designs including quick-release and electromechanical interfacing.
Measurement instrumentation.
IoT and collaborative information technologies.
Dedicated design staff and technical team to support your changing needs through product life cycle. As your imaging grows, your products will grow too.

Contact us for a custom bid or demo today.

For each project we partner with clients to provide transformative value. We take a first-principles and pragmatic approach to our solutions provide coherent designs that provide substantial and long-lasting impact.
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