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Mochii is the world’s only portable electron microscope.

Mochii™ is a new type of microscope that helps scientists, explorers, technologists, teachers, and learners see the natural world closer and more effectively than ever before. Mochii's unique tablet-based interface permits easy navigation and chemical identification of your specimen with a tap of a finger, simultaneously with colleagues anywhere in the world. All in a package the size of a home coffee maker and at the lowest cost to operate in the nanoimaging industry.

Visit the Official Mochii website for more information about this powerful nano-imaging solution.
Visit the Official Mochii website for more information about this powerful new nano-imaging solution, along with stunning new captures and cool stuff here. Visit the site today.

High-impact imaging for everyone, everywhere.

A nano-imager for use on-site or in the field, that fits in the overhead bin of an airplane.

Usable in most envionments, with lowest lifetime operating cost.

Work together with teams anywhere in the world with cloud-based tablet interface.

Optional spectroscopy feature enables chemical identification of microstructure.

"The gift of the great microscopist is the ability to think with the eyes and see with the brain."
- Daniel Mazia, Cell Biologist

For  nearly a century, powerful nano-imaging has enabled elite scientists, engineers, and researchers to understand the natural world, engineer new materials, build microchips, study implants, and develop new drugs. Mochii brings this capability to more users in a portable, collaborative package with the lowest operating cost in the industry.

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