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The world's most accessible nano-imaging

Automated ultra-high-throughput and portable instruments to discover the nano, on Earth and in Space


Voxa was founded in 2012 to transform analytical nanoscale imaging.
Nano-imaging is a key component of the technology development chain supporting broad industries including microchips, drug therapies, and surgical implants. Voxa's engineering and support teams are committed to bringing this technology to a broader base of scientists, engineers, educators & learners, and the public to unlock the nano-world.

New Tools for New Workflows

We are building powerful new personal imaging tools to bring nanoimaging to new places and into new fields, to deliver structural images and measurements faster and more easily than ever before. Fast, personal, simple nanoimaging unlocks tomorrow's technologies in engineering, science research, education, and new contexts. 

  • Mochii - the world's smallest portable spectroscopic electron microscope
  • Mochii ISS - SEM imaging and EDS analysis services on the world's only microgravity research platform
  • Blade - an ultra-high-throughput imaging pipeline that provides complete industrial automation and scaling of high-resolution imaging
  • Custom Designs - precision charged-particle optics and nanopositioner design and fabrication

Transformative Technology

Our mission is to democratize nanoscale imaging and make electrons as ubiquitous as light throughout research, health care, manufacturing, and education. Voxa develops, designs, and produces revolutionary high accessibility wireless nanoimaging instruments and workflows. Voxa's novel microscopy and inspection systems are deployed around the world, supporting industries such as neuroscience, materials, aerospace and human exploration, agriculture, and energy.


"The gift of the great microscopist is the ability to think with the eyes and see with the brain."

- Daniel Mazia, Cell Biologist

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